Please join this project, stitching 25 million stitches: one stitch for each refugee. How does making 25 million stitches help refugees? We believe that stitching for this project is a way for us to engage with this global crisis instead of ignoring it. And even though no single stitch can fully represent an individual, the act of stitching and the resulting work will help bring attention to the scale of the crisis. This is a community art installation. We are asking volunteers to hand stitch on fabric panels, which we provide. The panels are 15 inches by 36 inches or 15 inches by 65 inches. When the panels are returned to us stitched fully or partially, we will assemble them into an installation and find venues to show our work. Our first target date for the full installation is the 75th anniversary of the founding year of the United Nations on June 20th, 2020, the World Refugee Day. The World Refugee Day is observed every year “to commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees.” After just three weeks of reaching out to communities, the 25 million stitches project has over 180 volunteers. However, in our calculation, 2,000 panels will need to be stitched to add up to 25 million stitches. Now we’d like to invite you to join this massive endeavor. Please share the project with your friends: your book, knitting, or hiking club. Your children’s sporting events, schools and church socials are all wonderful opportunities to introduce the project to others and to recruit participants. The result of our combined time and effort and the sheer volume of finished stitches will help us and others to grasp the enormity of this global crisis.

How to make stitches: The aim of this project is to raise awareness and create opportunities for conversations about the dire challenges refugees face. There are no bad, ugly, or uneven stitches. Uneven stitches make the panels more interesting and beautiful. Any amount of stitching helps. Please try to cover as much of the panel as you can. Refer to the photos below for the density of stitches we are looking for. If you can not finish a panel, please recruit your friends to continue.

Showing the work:

Eddie Rhode Gallery at the Contra Costa Community College At the Border will showcase 25 Million Stitches as a work in progress August 26-Sept 30 2019

June 20, 2020, World Refugee Day, Venue TBD
Along with stitched fabric panels, we plan to list every participant's first name at every installation of this work.

Send panel requests to:

Please send the finished panels to: 25 Million Stitches, P.O. Box #22246, 5930 S Land Park Dr. Sacramento, CA, 95822

25 Million Refugee figure is based on the findings by UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency

The World Refugee Day: