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Further information on Environmental Issues

Toxic Habits:This work was inspired by the deformed frogs that showed up in 1995 near a Minnesota corn farm. Read more: MPR News Deformed Minnesota frogs still largely a mystery 17 years later by Stephanie Hemphill  

Like the corn farms whose runoff led to the deformed frogs that inspired this work, cotton processing plants contribute massive amounts of toxins to the environment. Read more: The NATION, The clothing industry is set to consume a quarter of the global carbon supply by 2050 by Michelle Chen

Take action by choosing environmental health over convenience, investing in sustainably sourced clothing instead of fast fashion.The Guardian, Cotton carbon emissions: how the shirt on your back affects climate change Companies and consumers must both play their part if we are to beat climate change, says Jason Clay

It’s Time to Rethink America’s Corn System, The current corn system is not a good thing for America for four major reasons.

What organizations are spearheading an effort to reduce the textile industry's carbon footprint: NRDC Encourage Textile Manufacturers to Reduce Pollution

The Impact of textile and clothing industry on environment: https://hellohomestead.com/the-impact-of-textiles-and-clothing-industry-on-the-environment/

Spoonful of Honey: The crisis bees face is in great part due to the unnatural servitude we demand of bees with our insatiable gluttony. Over the course of its life, a bee will gather a mere twelfth of a teaspoon of honey. To produce a single spoonful of honey, a dozen bees are required to make an average of 20,000 visits to flowers. Read more:

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN,The Mind-Boggling Math of Migratory Beekeeping_31 billion honeybees plus 810,000 acres of almond trees equals 700 billion almonds—and one looming agricultural crisis

The Lost Tribe: This work was created as a metaphor for many crisis that bees face: human engineered mass-migration, combating pesticides and disease bred from feeding on mono-crops. Read more: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Changing Planet_What We Now Know – and Don’t Know — About Honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder

The Vanishing Bees: Local beekeeping can help cultivate bees with natural healthy diet, Read More: BEE CULTURE_The Magazine of American Beekeeping

Learn about bee friendly flora: JOPLIN GUARDIAN Grant will fund planting of bee-friendly flora

Plant a Bee Garden – Create an oasis for bees and other pollinators: HONEY BEE CONSERVANCY

Give and Take: Deadly Connivance: No environmental issues are isolated challenges devoid of our policies and economic interest. When we consider the cost of our energy source we need to consider the social cost of fossil fuels: Red More NPR_Stories about Dakota Pipe Line

MPR News_Coming soon: Rivers of Oil, an MPR News podcast

Union of Concerned Scientist_The hidden cost of Fossil Fuels

Take action by learning to minimize your carbon footprint:COPAT.ORG_Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty_25+ Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Take Action by learning about and considering new career path: CLEAN TECHNICA_ Renewable Energy Has Many Benefits For People, The Economy, & The Environment


Further information on Social Issues

Untethered: Learn about refugee issued from WWII: The NY TIMES Text to Text: Comparing Jewish Refugees of the 1930s With Syrian Refugees Today

What can we do to ease the anguish of our brethren who lost their home? Read More:  UNHCR_UN REFUGEE AGENCY USA; Forced displacement worldwide at its highest in decades

Who and what are fueling the war in the Middle ease? Read more: VOX_How the structure of global oil markets fuels authoritarianism and war

The Comfort Girls: As it was true during World war II, the most vulnerable in our society pay the highest price in war,  Read More: FORTUNE_Here's What You Need to Know About Comfort Women Ahead of South Korea's Announcement

We. News_The Truth About the Sex Trade: Vulnerabilities Leading to “the Life”

Hand to Mouth: In California, perhaps due to our temperate climate we have seen tremendous increase of homeless population in recent years, Read more;The WASHINGTON POST_As gentrification escalates in Calif., people wonder: Where can the homeless go? by Scott Wilson

Learn about the current laws and policies regarding homelesss: NATIONAL LAW CENTER ON Homeless and Poverty

Take Action by staying engaged, Read More: the ATLANTIC_How Can the U.S. End Homelessness? Giving people access to support services and a place to stay can reduce the number of those living on the streets. But can that be done affordably? BY Alana Semuels

Take action by voting for housing bond for the homeless; L.A.Times_Why voting yes on Prop 1 housing bond is right thing to do: 

Black Lives Matter: Taking perspective/Numerous US racial issues covered in BBC News, Read more: BBC NEWS US Race Relations